Commercial Work


When I first started in commercial work some three decades ago I worked at a large Bay Area brokerage. The training was good.  I learned about CAP rates, gross rent multipliers, TI allowances, load factors, pass through expenses, various ways of quoting lease rates. 


But most of all I learned from Jim Martin, the West Coast Franchise Director of Minuteman Press. Jim had confidence in me when I was just a rookie, hooked me up with the company attorney, George Herz.  Together they taught me Lease Negotiations 101.  In those early days, when standard leases were practically non existent, when faxes were a nascent innovation and email was a gleam in the eye of a computer engineer, it was not uncommon for me to have to analyze 40 page leases, double check my lease comments with George back in New York, listen to his explanation of items I did not understand, and then sit down with my counterpart in the Bay Area and negotiate the changes.  I could not have had better mentors than Jim and George, and I will be forever grateful for their tutelage.


I also learned what I did not like about large commercial brokerages, and vowed that if I ever had the chance to form my own company it would be run differently. I got my chance in 1986, when together with three partners we formed Keynote Properties.  Ours is a team approach to problem solving.  We share information freely.  We dispense advice to clients without having a tab running.  And we help clients as the need arises, unhindered by corporate driven geographic territories or type of transaction. This allows us to place client needs exactly where they belong- at the forefront.


Commercial transactions require analytical skills. Mine have been honed through the decades- getting degrees in Chemistry and Economics; working as a banker in both the domestic and international arenas; and drawing on the knowledge gained from years of putting commercial transactions together. In addition to my analytical strengths, as a long time Bay Area resident and realtor I am able to provide clients with an accurate assessment of various locations.  And because my commercial work entails both leasing and sales I am also able to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of either choice.


It is my philosophy that by providing unbiased data regarding various options the client can make the decision that is best for their business.  And such a client becomes a client for life.


Here are some sample transactions.

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