Personal Life


Life is to be lived, at its fullest.  I believe in working hard, playing hard.

My hobbies include attending the theater, skiing, hiking, bicycling, and traveling.

I prefer smaller theaters, although I have spent many happy hours just going from performance to performance in such high octane theater cities as London and New York. In San Francisco, I have been a season ticket holder at the San Francisco Playhouse for a number of years, and would recommend it highly. However, for true heaven for the theater aficionado nothing quite compares to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  It is a once in a life time experience.

The latest addition to my  hobby list is tandem bicycling.  We have a collapsible Bike Friday, and whenever possible join the Veloraptors in Montclair Village early Sunday mornings for an invigorating ride.  We have also traveled with our bike to Washington State, various parts of California, and one heavenly week of a bike/barge tour in the northern portion of the Netherlands.

My undergraduate degree is a BS in Chemistry from the University of Washington, and my graduate degree is a MA in Economics from the same institution. 

Before becoming a realtor I taught high school math and was a banker.  I have been a real estate broker since 1982, and along with three partners founded Keynote Properties in 1986.   

Besides English, I am fluent in Spanish and Latvian.

Here are some of my travel photos.

I began skiing while an undergraduate at the University of Washington, improved my skills under the patient tutelage of my to-be-husband.  I joined the National Ski Patrol, attained the rank of Senior, and patrolled at Crystal Mountain, Washington, and Squaw Valley, California.  With two parents on the ski patrol our son Austin had no choice but to become an avid skier/snowboarder, and we have spent many a vacation in ski areas such as Sun Valley, Idaho,  Bend, Oregon, Whistler and Banff in Canada, Vail and Aspen in Colorado,  Park City and  Alta in Utah, St Anton, Austria, and St Moritz, Switzerland.

At about the same time as I began skiing I also began hiking and doing a minor amount or rock climbing.  The rock climbing fell by the way side very early on, but I have spent many happy hours trekking -and some not so happy hours, when I thought I could not take another step, but I always did. I have hiked in Bhutan, Argentina, Chile, Peru, New Zealand, New England, California and Washington states. Hiking, like skiing, is a family affair.  Both my husband and son are Eagle Scouts, and the outdoors is very much a part of our lives.

Having grown up in South America and the US of Latvian parents, the travel bug hit early, and it hit hard.  Trips that stand out in my mind, in no particular order, are rafting down the Grand Canyon and the Snake rivers, trekking in Bhutan, doing multiple zodiac landings in Antarctica and Galapagos, whale watching (and touching!) in Mexico, descending into the Hypogeum in Malta, scuba diving in Thailand, swimming with dolphins in New Zealand, gawking at the Gaudi works in Barcelona, going to the Winter Olympics both in Salt Lake City and Torino, attending World Hockey championships in Holland, Austria, Russia and  Norway, riding a cog wheel train to the top of the Jungfraujoch in Switzerland, visiting the Recoleta cemetery in Buenos Aires, discovering treasures  in Old Town Riga, windsurfing in Hawaii and the Columbia River Gorge, cruising past calving glaciers in Alaska, riding among the vineyards of Napa and the canals of Holland.  I can hardly wait for the next adventure.